Is Google the Best Place for Legal Information? Well… Yes and No

blind justice statue

blind justice statue

Ray Tomlinson, a 62-year-old from Warren, Michigan just wanted to get home quickly: driving from Arizona to Michigan was a long trip. When his girlfriend sitting in the passenger seat turned out to be not sleeping but dead from a drug overdose, he knew what to do. Whipping out his smart phone he searched for the laws in Arizona on how soon you were required to contact the police if someone dies. As the policeman who later arrested Ray related:

“He then does an Internet search via his phone,” said Warren police Sergeant Stephen Mills. “He says he finds on the Internet that he has 48 hours to take her to a medical examiner or to a morgue.” The information was wrong, Mills said.[i]

            What did Ray do wrong? Where do I begin…

[Excerpt from: Finding Reliable Information Online: Adventures of an Information Sleuth]

[i] Associated Press. “Man Drives Hundreds of Miles with Corpse Passenger.” Boston Globe (June 5, 2014).


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