Five for Five?

Taxi image of signDo you know what that means? It means that after you ride in an Uber Taxi, just before you exit you agree to give the driver a five star rating if they agree to give you a five star rating.

How meaningful are rating systems if everyone gets five stars? After two years spent researching my new book: Finding Reliable Information Online: Adventures of an Information Sleuth, I’m convinced that many rating systems are seriously flawed, some rating systems work really well, and very few people can parse out the difference between the two types.

More importantly, as I learned about the “Psychology of Search,” I realized how important it is to understand what we bring to the table when we are looking for reliable information. It is nearly impossible to stare five stars in the face and not have warm fuzzy feelings about a restaurant, hotel, taxi, or anything else, even if those stars are completely contrived.

So how do you figure out which star rating systems are reliable and which are rigged? Well I could explain it to you, but then I’d have to errrr…maybe you might want to read my new book? Available soon at a library near you: Look it up in WorldCat (after Sept. 2015).

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